Back to the Grassroots of Yester Year


Mary Jane, a northern Utah housewife grew up on a cattle ranch.  She recalls how those years on the ranch were ones of family togetherness.  There were always three square wholesome home cooked meals where her dear mother prepared meals of ranch grown foods.  Often we would come into the house after a long day in the hay field, to the smell of fresh baked scratch bread and cinnamon rolls.  Part of the ingredients used were eggs and cream fresh off our ranch.  We’d polish off several loaves of that awesome bread, slathered in home made butter.  Of course we had to go through a gallon of the milk which was hand milked from our family cow.  We milked Boss and Pet sitting on a one-legged milk stool.  Our head was leaned against the cow and our feet made up the other two legs of the milk stool.  All our foods from the ranch were fresh and healthy, with such an awesome taste that cannot be matched with modern produce.

butter_churn   bread-white-loaf_internet     eggs_internet     milking

We had many past times as we were growing up.  For several generations, Mary Jane’s family loved country music. They were often found singing and playing together.  Mary Jane misses those days.     The family also loved to canoe.  Her father was a canoe instructor.  How did the family have the stamina to do these type of activities?  It was that wholesome healthy fresh farm food!  It was void of all those chemicals, pesticides and artificial colorings of modern food. Riding horses was a big part of our enjoyment.  Mary Jane laughs as she recalls that she loved being one with her horses.

music       Riding  canoeing

As us kids grew up, we never forgot our grass roots on the ranch.  We all crave that life and strive to hold onto it with iron grip.


Life on the ranch was not easy.  It was worth it.

Although life was hard and packed with long days of hot sweaty work, it was a hands on school that Mary Jane will never forgets. She will always treasure it.  She longs for for the days of grass roots of yester year, to return.  The food was 100% healthy, and we enjoyed producing it together as a family.  It was a food that was void of all the chemicals, pesticides, artificial colorings, pasteurization and homogenization.  It was just good straight up raw from the earth; wholesome food that would put meat on your bones and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

We were often up before dawn, doing chores, and getting ready for the day’s work.  As we didn’t grow up with power or running water, we heated our home with wood heat.  These chores were done together as a family.  We kids learned so much that we hold dear to our hearts, even today as we currently live in the hustle and bustle of modern life.  Often Mary Jane and her mom would be chopping ice on the dugout; ice from the waste down, in an effort to provide water for the cow herd during the winter.  Hard work?  Oh yeah. But it was fun and wholesome work.

The family would often cut up and wrap home grown beef, chicken, pork on the kitchen table. Mom would render pig fat into a lard that unbeatable for pies.  Other times we would eat a black bear or dear.  Our area where we did this was very sanitary.  That was meat that was free of growth hormones and GMO livestock feeds.  It was a loaded with good flavor and nutrients, and fresh fresh fresh….

haying   Wood cows

Those were the days….

… when neighbor helped neighbor
… family ate meals together
… families and friends worked and played together
… people respected each other
… food was naturally nutritious, without need of added artificial nutrients
… foods need not be pasteurized, homogenized and all those other ‘izeds’, nor did they need artificial colorings and flavorings or preservatives
… those were the days when people were not afraid to share or sell their home grown produce.  They could share it with anyone who needed a little help.

Life of Today

Mary Jane has a good life in her modern life, but it is so busy with running here and running there just to make a few dollars to hopefully pay the bills, if her and her husband are lucky.  Both she and her husband work full-time jobs and only get about an hour a day together.   In her modern employment, she has learned many skills of modern food safety. Some is good and some is bad. As she types in ingredients into the datagase of many of the modern foods, she inwardly fears with the knowledge that the artificial colorings, preservatives etc are very unhealthy.

Life is very different today.  One has to search for heritage seeds to grow in their gardens and for safe non-GMO livestock feed.  Its just not the same as yester year on the ranch.  Foods are not as wholesome and nutritious as they once were.  Flavor is just not there in many of the foods, as many of them are artificial.  Many of us of today are afraid to share our home made and home grown wholesome raw foods with others.  Time and time again we are asked by potential customers for our wholesome milk and other home produced foods.  That is the only thing that many youngsters can eat, yet with tears in our eyes, we have to refuse them.  Refuse because we are afraid to share, with modern laws or finances to create a facility to use the modern laws.  So with tears in our eyes, we have to turn them away.  This is the life when one is so busy that we lose ourselves and forget who we are.  We forget the real us and people don’t even know who we are.

Glimmer of Hope of Returning Grass Roots of Yester Year

Not too long ago, Mary Jane was introduced to a proposed new law intended to return the home produced nutritious foods. This is a proposed law that is consumer driven and will allow Utahans to freely obtain that wholesome nutritious food of yester year.  There is that hope that the life on the ranch could return and Mary Jane and many like her could once again produce and share to the many people needing and desiring this wholesome food.

Mary Jane clings to the hope with all her heart that this will come to pass.  With her knowledge of modern techniques of food safety, she also knows even more how to produce safe food.  However, she also recalls how her parents taught her about the importance of grass feed livestock, we are what we eat, and the importance of composted manure (dirtized) to be used on the gardens.  When passed into law Mary Jane and others will be able to bring all their knowledge, skills and enjoyment back to produce wholesome raw foods for the many many consumers who don’t have the ability to produce it for themselves.

Learn about this new proposed Utah Food Freedom Act HB #144, sign the petition and contact your reps.  If you want that wholesome fresh raw food for your family, come join us in reclaiming ‘Our Yester Year’.






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