What is the Proposed Food Freedom Bill?


Purpose of Utah Food Freedom Act

Quoted from: Representative Marc Roberts, Utah House District 67

The purpose of the Utah Food Freedom Act is to allow consumers
greater access and ability to purchase fresh local homemade foods,
and to encourage the expansion of agricultural sales by farmers
markets, ranches, farms and home based producers.
The legislation applies to food sales that take place directly between a
producer and consumer, for home consumption, and does not apply
to meat except for poultry.

What the Proposed Utah Food Freedom Act HB #144 Reads

Read the Utah Food Freedom Act HB 144 and know what it says for yourself.  There are actually two different Bill’s involved in it.  The second part of the Bill is talks about a constitution.

If you agree with the proposed Utah Food Freedom Act HB #144, please sign the petition and share your desire for him or her to support this proposed Bill .  We all need your support.  It can help both the producer and the consumer to obtain food directly from the source for their families.

My Summary of Proposed Utah Food Freedom Act HB #144

  • Producer or producer’s Agent could sell their products directly to the ‘End Consumer’
  • Food items sold under this proposed Bill are NOT for resale
  • Products sold by the producer can be sold at any appointed place, set between himself and the end consumer
  • Products purchased under this Bill are for Home Usage only
  • End Consumer (purchaser) must be informed by the producer that

(c) has been informed that the product is not certified, licensed, regulated, or inspected
61     by the state.

  •  The producer of food products under this proposed Utah Farm Freedom Act would be

exempt from state, county, or city licensing, permitting, certification,
66     inspection, packaging, and labeling requirements related to the preparation, serving, use,
67     consumption, or storage of food and food products if the food or food product

  • If there is a suspected Food Borne Illness, the State can still get involved, as they do now
  • Product sold is

a substance that can be used, or prepared for use, as food.

  • Products under this proposed Bill don’t include most meat products
  • A producer may ask the State to assist them, if they so choose

So What Does This All Mean to Me?

  • As a producer, I can more freely legally sell my wholesome hand made food items directly to the end user
  • Less cost to get set up to create and sell my products
  • As a producer, I can still ask the State’s advice or even ask them to inspect my facilities, etc. if I so choose
  • The producer (or producer’s agent) and end consumer could agree upon a location for pickup, that is more suitable for both. This can allow more easy access.  ie/ more sales that will further stimulate the economy
  • More producers will come out of the shadows with their skills, talents and resources to create wholesome food for us consumers.  Again, this will stimulate the economy with more sales and more jobs and great accessible food.
  • As a consumer, I can easily go out to other producers and purchase products that I myself don’t have

Some Examples Food Products

  • parkerhouse1  Those nice fresh baked goods just like Grandma made, without all those preservatives
  • Wedding_Cake1acrop  Have fun creating those cakes.
  • Jar_Milk_sm Did you ever try fresh milk straight from the goat or cow?  There is no comparison on the flavor.  I know I crave it.
  • Kefir_Drained1  Maybe that kefir, cheeses, yogurt and other products made from the fresh milk
  • eggs_internet  Eggs… Remember the taste of the free range chickens and the nice color to the yoke?  Those fresh farm eggs
  • vegetables_sm  What about those ‘fresh out of the garden’, vine ripened fruits and veggies?
  • jams, jellies, juices etc.
  • If you can dream it up, you can create it

Support the proposed Bill

If you support this Utah Food Freedom Act HB #144, please sign the Petition



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